Thankful For Your Service

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Official music video for "Thankful for Your Service"
Music video from the 27 compilation

song name Thankful for Your Service
artist They Might Be Giants
releases 27: The Most Perfect Album (as "3rd Amendment"), Dial-A-Song (2018), More Murdered Remains
year 2018
run time 2:10
sung by John Linnell


  • This song was commissioned for a compilation album with songs for each amendment of the United States Constitution created by the More Perfect podcast.
  • The song was initially released under the name "3rd Amendment" on the 27 album in September 2018. The track was rereleased later in the month for Dial-A-Song under the name "Thankful for Your Service".
  • The 3rd Amendment states that private citizens are protected from being forced to quarter soldiers in peacetime or in wartime.
  • The official music video was directed by Ajax Digital Design, who have been responsible for several of the 2018 music videos.

Song Themes

Clothes, Food, Gratitude, Misanthropy, Politics, Questions, Real Estate, Strangers, Streets, War, Military, Writing


  • Watch it on Youtube.png (official TMBG video)
  • Watch it on Youtube.png (video from the 27 compilation)

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