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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Drink! (Dial-A-Song) 1:42

Dial-A-Song ?
Drink! (Demo) 1:48

TMBG Unlimited 2000 Early take, with slight lyrical differences.
Drink! (Ritz Show) 2:29

TMBG Unlimited 2001 Linnell is on keyboard and not accordion as usual.
Drink! 1:49

Mink Car 2001
Red Red Intro - Drink! 2:56

TMBG Unlimited 2001 The band plays "Red Red Wine" by UB40 while Flansburgh sings and then introduces Drink!
Drink - Glacially Slow 3:04

Almanac 2004 A live performance with a slow tempo.