Chronology:Where Your Eyes Don't Go

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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Where Your Eyes Don't Go (Demo) 3:01

The Frank O'Toole Show 1987 Slower than the final studio version with a different arrangement and looser vocals.
Where Your Eyes Don't Go 3:06

Lincoln, Then: The Earlier Years 1988 Studio recording.
Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Why Does The Sun Shine? Medley 4:38

Dial-A-Song, TMBG Unlimited 2001 Live duo performance with only accordion and electric guitar, recorded live on DJ Nick Hill's Music Facet radio show on WFMU in 1991. Much faster than the studio version, segues into the slow version of Why Does The Sun Shine?.
Where Your Eyes Don't Go (BBC) 1:44

Podcast 33A 1990 Duo performance at BBC Studios, with acoustic guitar and organ-sounding keyboard. Set about at the tempo of the studio version.