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Flans: "Is that the song you played the banjo on?"

Linnell: "Yeah yeah we did a banjo track"

Flans: "So basically John bought a banjo, taught himself to play the banjo, and wanted to find an outlet for his banjo-mania. So basically Alan, who was more of a get-along kinda guy, was like let's try it. And Clive was like (shakes head no) Well, Okay? So we like recorded and Clive was like [negatively] 'Well?'"

Linnell: "I gotta say, thinking about it, my sense at the time was that he [Clive] thought the banjo was a jive instrument. But of course he's the guy who produced 'Come On Eileen'"

Flans: "Maybe he [Clive?] thought he was repeating himself? He (Clive) had a strong opinion about it"

Linnell: "He HATED us"

Flans: "He loved our music, he just hated us. But the thing that was magnificent, was that Clive insisted the banjo be banned and muted from the mixing. And then Alan sorta turned to us conspiratorially and said [whispering loud] 'WATCH THIS'. He actually, he put the banjo, he bypassed the board, the console where you can mute things, and just fed the banjo directly into the final mix. And... it's not very loud".

Linnell: "But there is banjo on the track. Clive couldn't hear it, so he was fine."

[1/15/2023 show banter - thanks Victor Leung for the stream !]