Don Quixote

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The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha (frequently shortened to Don Quixote), is a book written by Spanish author Cervantes in the seventeenth century, and often considered to be the first modern novel. The main character, Don Quixote, is an insane man who thinks that windmills are evil giants, often tilting his lance at them. This inspired the name of a film, They Might Be Giants, which a friend of the Johns considered using for his ventriloquist act. When it was discarded, it was lent to El Grupo De Rock And Roll, and is now commonly abbreviated to TMBG.

In 1959, Dale Wasserman wrote a teleplay of the book called I, Don Quixote, which he converted into the libretto for the musical Man of La Mancha around 1964. In the song "Pencil Rain" TMBG makes reference to the lyrics and music of "The Impossible Dream" from the musical.

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