Doris Cunningham

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song name Doris Cunningham
artist They Might Be Giants
releases 1985 Promotional Demo Tape #7, Then: The Earlier Years
year 1985
run time 0:12
sung by Jennifer Neff (spoken)


  • From the FAQ archive, John Linnell explained: "The recording [...] was an excerpt from a promotional tape we made in 1985 which was a fake interview interspersed with real songs by TMBG. The voice of the interviewer was our friend Jennifer Neff."
  • A much longer recording was played on the Frank O'Toole Show, though it's likely that is still just a fragment of the full tape.
  • From a (less than serious) 1985 interview with This Magazine:[1]

[Interviewer]: Your stage show is so unique... so elaborate, why?
Flansburgh: We owe all of that to a woman named Doris Cunningham. She makes all our instruments and recording equipment. The drum machine she built for us is eighty feet tall.

Song Themes

Music, Non-John Vocals, People (Imaginary), Questions, Spoken Word, Super-Human Qualities, Title Not In Lyrics


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