Euan Mitchell

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Mitchell in 2004

Euan Mitchell is a New Zealand blogger and animator who animated the music videos for "Pictures Of Pandas Painting" and "Rolling O" from the album Here Come The ABCs. He was responsible for the founding of the blog Londonist (formerly known as The Big Smoker) with Rob Hinchcliffe, which they started in October 2003.

Euan Mitchell created an animation for the Johnny Cash song "Desperado", which led to his discovery by John Flansburgh around the summer of 2004, and was promptly hired to create videos for Here Come The ABCs.[1] The two were in talks about animating for a future TMBG project in mid-2005, when Mitchell stopped responding in early July 2005.[2] At around the same time, Mitchell stopped writing for Londonist, with his last article being published on June 23, 2005, and he was officially removed from the blog in December 2005. To this day, his whereabouts remain unknown.