House Of Mayors

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House Of Mayors hello recording cover
House Of Mayors
Hello recording by John Linnell
First released August 1996
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Tracks 10
Label Hello <hel-68> Length 15:46
Linnell posing for the cover photograph taken on a Connectix Quickcam, featuring a costume assembled by Robin Goldwasser

House of Mayors is the second solo EP release by John Linnell through the Hello Recording Club. Like its predecessor, State Songs, it is a concept EP.

Linnell described it in a 1996 They Might Be Giants Info Club newsletter when asked what he'd be doing while John Flansburgh toured with Mono Puff:

I'm working this summer on a project to be released as a Hello CD-of-the-Month called House of Mayors. It's a mostly instrumental tour through an imaginary exhibit of New York mayors, sort of like the Hall of Presidents at Disneyland.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Preamble: Fernando Wood 0:57


2 Processional 1:31


3 DeWitt Clinton 2:03


4 Processional 0:54


5 John Purroy Mitchel 0:54


6 Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May? 2:28


7 Processional 0:40


8 Fiorello LaGuardia 1:08


9 David Dinkins 1:08


10 House Of Mayors 4:03



Hall Of Mayors misprinted cover
It was taken with a mid-90's Connectix Quickcam, a primitive webcam that we used for all sorts of lo-tech projects back in the day. Barbara Glauber designed the cover [...] and she needed some artwork. Robin Goldwasser assembled the elements of this old-timey mayor costume for me and I shot it while I was somewhere out on tour and sent the pic to Barbara via creaky old dial-up email.
  • Some issues of this recording feature a misprint, titling it Hall of Mayors. It is unknown exactly how many copies were incorrectly printed this way.