Interpretations:Letter Shapes

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I believe this song is pent up fear and frustration from having to listen to the strange sound to represent the word of the day on The Electric Company.

Starting from A (of course), try making letters with your finger in the air to the rythym of the beeps. You will find that all of the beeps, with the rythym and pitch, correspond to the letter shape. Either that, or I'm just crazy. -bigblargh.


You aren't crazy. They do correspond exactly to the shapes of the letters. TMBG is like a special gift for people like me who translate everything, even sound, into pictures - it's as if they get how we process. THanks, Giants! --~Christina Miller, June 2005

I think the letter sounds are made by Linnell tracing the shapes on his Kaoss Pad, right? --Chris Fabulous

Well, that would do it, although some sound suspiciously like they were homemade by his own rubbery lips. Does the Kaoss pad *sample* sounds at all? And that's why you hear Linnelloform weeeeoooeeee noises? ~Christina again

He could have just sang along to the sounds his Kaoss Pad was making. -Alex H.