Lyrics:Ultra Spin The Dial (Part 2)

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Ultra Spin The Dial (Part 2)
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

JF: Ladies and gentlemen. The portion of the show we call ‘Spin The Dial’ where we take an ordinary radio, put it through the massive sound system of the Newport Music Hall and check out just how great local radio in this area really is.

Off. Off. Off. Off. Off. Off.

Gospel inflection Nobody knows for certain But nothing's free I got gospel inflections And nobody's certain About me

You know, my heart's been broken so many times These amphetamines just keep on workin', and they feel so damn good But I know, baby, deep down inside you want me to change But sadly, I can't change cause I'm a creepy creepy man Upsetting and unpleasant At the core of my being, unlovable

Gospel inflection Misdirection You can't like me No matter what you say

Yo yo yo yo yo


I look so different After all these surgeries I’m unrecognizable as Elton John