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The saxophone is a regular member of They Might Be Giants' horn arsenal. John Linnell has played many sizes of saxophone throughout the years, starting with the mighty bass saxophone, which featured prominently during the band's first 10 years; later downsizing to the baritone saxophone, in regular use in the John Henry and Mink Car eras; then exploring the elusive tenor saxophone, notably on The Lady And The Tiger and to briefly replace the bass clarinet live on stage after a trailer fire; the even rarer alto saxophone, perhaps played only on Bastard Wants To Hit Me; and finally discovering the diminutive soprano saxophone circa 2015, as heard on the instrumental Glean and Moles, Hounds, Bears, Bees And Hares.

Kurt Hoffman played sax in TMBG's first ever live band and in the studio during the John Henry sessions. The late Ralph Carney accompanied TMBG on an autumn 2009 tour on saxophones and other wind oddities. Most recently, Stan Harrison has been playing all manner of saxophones in the studio and on tour with TMBG (often as a member of the Tricerachops Horns), not to mention putting together the dizzying wind charts behind tracks such as Cloisonné and The Darlings Of Lumberland.

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