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Watchface performing "Nancy/Marty/Masterpiece Theatre" alongside John Flansburgh (obscured)

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show and a Friday show on September 16th both contained "two big sets" according to the show's accompanying poster. Performance art group Watchface also performed their show "Nancy/Marty/Masterpiece Theatre" inbetween the band's sets. This show was also a part of a series of monthly gigs at Darinka that They Might Be Giants asked Watchface to open for, with Watchface performing four difference performance pieces each month.[1]

"Nancy/Marty/Masterpiece Theatre" contained a scene titled Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? which contained a character called George, who was performed by Joshua Fried during the group's first performance of the show at 8BC in 1985.[2] For the group's additional performance at Darinka, John Flansburgh performed George instead. All members of the performance were given their stage directions and lines through headphones.[3]