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They Might Be Giants
— with The Homestead Greys opening —
Bottleneck (Cogburn's) in Lawrence, KS
April 15, 1987

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Preview of the show from Pitch, Apr. 1987:

They Might Be Giants is too often hung with the goofy-rock-meets-performance-art label. Yes, they do fence with loaves of French bread and lead the audience in sing-alongs using giant cue cards. And the duo does perform tunes with titles like "Youth Culture Killed My Dog" and "Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head." But get below the surface, beyond the guitar/accordion/rhythm box sound and the paper-mache props and you find a group that offers more for your rock and roll dollar than any other band around.

"They Might Be Giants," (Bar/None 002, $8.98 list), the band's debut album, offers 19 examples of the group's schizo-kiddie sound. At only $42¢ a song, even Bruce's mega boxset, song for song, wasn't this much of a bargain. They even have a dial-a-song service, so the unintiated can check them out before plunking down those dollars on albums or concert tickets. Call (718) 387-6962 and you get a song (usually something oter than what's on their album) and a nice little message. This dial-it service, the world's first viable alternative to radio, video and print exposure, might just change the whole complexion of the record business ... well, maybe.