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Fan Recaps and Comments:

the intro was really weird... some synth background and bugs chirping, with lots of strobes going... then the Band of Dans came out and started playing Drinkin', and were joined by the Johns about a minute into the song.

the confetti cannon went off during James K. Polk, and for some reason there's a breeze blowing towards the stage at the 9:30 club and everyone was showered with confetti.

Mr. Klaw... lots of yelling... I can see this is a replacement for Spider eventually...

Birdhouse was *quick*. no slowdown at the end, and it just ended and they went right on...

they switched parts for Why Does the Sun Shine, and Flans ended up saying "It's about 96 million miles away.... or maybe 97..." and Linnell completely lost it, skipping completely over the next few lines, and finally ending with "and that's why it looks so small."

Radio TMBG was done 3 times, the first two short, and the last time was the extended version.

Don't Let's Start rocked as usual. Flans actually sand the "I don't want to live in this world anymore..." lines while Linnell screamed... actually, the whole song was done pretty much "straight."

s-e-x-x-y was the long version, with the guitar solo intro.

Whistling in the Dark was done with the big bass drum, and it was carefully explained that they would *not* be doing it again on Saturday...

Meet James Ensor was the fast version, despite several shouts of "slow!" from the audience. Flans said he would start it out slow and then speed it up when everyone else joined in.

She's an Angel was done blazingly fast. Like... considerably faster than it even is on the album...

Older was introduced by saying it was from the Brave New World series.

Nothing special happened during Particle Man.

Spy was done with a new(ish?) extended intro.

During Linnell's part of the Spy improv, he started playing the opening riff of Mr. Tambourine Man on his keyboard, and began singing it, but was horribly off key, and stopped. Then he tried a different key and a different patch on his keyboard and it sounded worse. So then he brought the entire band in and they played the whole song, confusing the hell out of Flans every time the instruments stopped while he was singing...

Counterfeit Faker with the heads was... interesting. Definitely the vocals from the LTW/FS version, but the instrumentation is completely different. There's like... piano in it.

Istanbul with the acoustic guitar intro...

other stuff...

they soundchecked Certain People I Could Name and Rat Patrol (to tease us I guess...) so you lucky bastards who live in New York will get to hear them AGAIN and no one outside New York will ever hear them because they don't realize we like them, too. </BITTER>

they were tired. apparently they had left San Francisco at 4 that morning. so they didn't have a lot of energy during the show, but... the audience didn't seem that into it, either. the cheers between encores were fairly quiet, except for a few EVIL people chanting "Istanbul!" (while the rest of us were shouting "Anything but Istanbul!")

- Lawrence Solomon