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Review by: Shane

The show started real late- Michael Shelly didnt come onstage until 1030!! (show was supposed to start at 9!!)and he was really bad. However, They put on the best show ive ever seen them do! (this was my 5th show).
They started with Spider, which was awesome, and They pulled out some songs that i had never heard them do. Some songs They played were: Spider, No One Knows My Plan, Were the Replacements, Mr Klaw, the classics (birdhouse, partice, istanbul, etc) the new ones (cyclops, its so louc, edith). Also, Linnell went into Let It Be at the end of Dr Worm and again in Particle Man. Also, at the end of Spy, They covered that 80s tune- Dont You Want Me (FUNNY AS HELL)
Overall, it was the most energetic show ive seen (there was a REAL mosh pit!! it was awesome) i had such a great time, and can't wait for my 6th tmbg show in 11 days
(November 13th, Amherst, MA)


Off the over 50 shows I've seen by TMBG, this was my worst experience ever. Not the worst show, but the worst experience. The club forces the opener to go on at 10:30 as mentioned above, causing a near riot with all of the drunken Yale frat boys. The opener nearly gets into a fight with an attendee. TMBG didn't go on until shortly before midnight, so they didn't finish up until 1 AM. All the while, I'm fighting other kids pushing me aside to get just a few inches closer, and never giving up. I never had a worse time than at this venue, and I won't go there again if I can help it. And no hotel for the Johns, they drive home after this!


What a weird experience this was. Like the others mentioned, it started ridiculously late. Almost midnight by the time TMBG went on. I had to laugh that JJR mentioned Michael Shelley almost getting into a fight with an attendee. That was my friend Drew. We were yelling at the guy. I also remember the fact that my mom gave me her cell phone and I was supposed to call when the show let out, but it was so late (1 or 1:30AM) that I didn't want to wake them up. So I got in trouble when I got home. On the plus side, I got to meet some members of the TMBG Musings board (Deb, Kelly, Eric, Dave, Sara) and took pictures of them with my emoticon one-eyed Pete .-) . Like I said, weird show.