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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Footage of the band and crew setting up for this show was used for the time-lapse video of "Read A Book".


  • Most on-the-nose moment of the night: Playing "Whistling In the Dark" in the dark.
  • Most heartening audience moment: I always love the concertgoers who know the audience-participation element of "Drink" without ever being told what it is.
  • Best Blast From The Past: "Battle For the Planet of the Apes," a song they played at my very first TMBG concert 13 years ago, and which they only put back into rotation this summer.
  • Best parents of the night: Marty Beller's parents, who danced and shimmied to "Istanbul" in their balcony seats.
  • Oddest Intro: The typical "Alphabet of Nations" intro stops midway as Flansburgh recalls removing the wart from Alf's face on a cover of a MacMillan book in the 80's.
  • Best Outro: The insane rock breakdown of "Istanbul."
  • Most violent moment: Flansburgh backing up and smacking into Linnell on baritone sax during "Cloisonne."