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Fan Recaps and Comments:


My first ever concert. It was incredible. I think right before Damn Good Times was played, Flans claimed Danny had a broken foot and/or ankle. Not sure if that was a joke, cuz it wasn't funny but Danny did not seem very hurt and he was standing and jumping a lot. ALSO!!! The crowd cheered when the horns, Dan, and Flans did a little bit of hand choreography on "drag you by your mind" in Darlings. Despite the Stick being used for Lie Still, I could not here it over what I assume was the crowd chanting "stick" the whole time.


DUDE! This was my first TMBG concert and it was legitimately a sublime time. Waited outside the Vic for like two hours and all of the fans waiting with me and my friends were so sweet! Managed to snag a front row spot basically right in the center which was super super cool! Every song they played was wonderful (I'm sorry to anyone who saw me jump probably a full foot in the air when they started playing Drown The Clown. Overall, a really wonderful night and I can only hope that Flansy does not bring up QAnon ever again!


I went with my sister and it was great! This also happens to be my first TMBG concert and I was happy to find out that they were coming to Chicago! We got there pretty early since it isn’t very far (traffic gets horrendous though,) and I got a decent spot that was only a few rows away from the front. Someone gave me a Mink Car bracelet too, which was pretty nice!! Apologies to anyone that might’ve gotten hit by the pride flag I was wearing on my Calabasas hat. The guitar solo in Damn Good Times was awesome!! I’m so happy that I got to see them play live, even with the terrible headache that I had the entire time <:].