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2005-03-26Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (6) 6 wikians attended: Brocktune Captaincaustic Da3ve Eitingon Gabeswarr Rabelcheth
2007-05-19Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (17) 17 wikians attended: Brocktune Bwii Captaincaustic Da3ve Dlettington Eyetalic Faninor HectorR MikeHollywood My Insatiable One Perspixx Robotmachine Slick Techierain TVsKyle VenusEnV Wireless mike
2009-07-04Belly Up
(Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen Live)
Aspen, COAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
2009-11-17Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (10) 10 wikians attended: Brocktune Bronxjimmy Captaincaustic Eyetalic My Insatiable One Nolly Perspixx RLJohYouDid Slick Zigme
2011-11-17Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Brocktune Captaincaustic Da3ve Eviltikimonkey Eyetalic Glod MikeHollywood My Insatiable One Nolly RLJohYouDid Slick Venusenv
2013-06-16Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (11) 11 wikians attended: Captaincaustic Covenant Eviltikimonkey Eyetalic HectorR Kakenrip Kerimaus My Insatiable One Pandaman Slick Wbrimley
2015-05-03Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: BlueCanary Covenant Da3ve Eviltikimonkey HectorR Kakenrip Mattso37 My Insatiable One Ovenmitt Pandaman Rossum Stevenaaron
2016-03-27Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Aceyyy Created A Madman DistopioSmashedtobits FallenOutWithMyHead Kakenrip Kerimaus Kevin713 Kishona LadsGal My Insatiable One Ovenmitt Stevenaaron
2018-03-01Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Created A Madman Kakenrip Ovenmitt RLJohYouDid Selfcallednowhere
2023-07-14Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Broken Accordion Creepypizza FrankEinstein Garit Kakenrip Kerimaus Ovenmitt
2023-07-15Belly UpSolana Beach, CAAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: DisguisedAxolotl DistopioSmashedtobits Gwiffon Kakenrip Kerimaus Kevin713 My Insatiable One Ovenmitt ParticleMeg

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