State Songs (EP)

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State Songs hello recording cover
State Songs
Hello recording by John Linnell
First released June 1994
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Tracks 5
Label Hello <HEL-46> Length 17:05
The Hello EP disc

State Songs was the first solo release by John Linnell through the Hello CD Of The Month Club. It acted as a precursor to Linnell's full-length solo album, State Songs, released five years later.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 South Carolina 3:45


2 Oregon 1:47


3 Pennsylvania 1:02


4 Maine 2:03


5 Nevada 8:28




  • All five tracks differ in some way from the later versions on the full-length State Songs album. Aside from mixing differences, these are the chief differences:
    • "South Carolina" seems to be lacking a few overdubs present in the album version, although it may have just been drastically remixed and re-equalized.
    • "Oregon" lacks the saxophone solo in the final verse.
    • The lead melody of "Pennsylvania" is played on a keyboard instead of a violin.
    • "Maine" contains no low-octave synth bass.
    • "Nevada" contains a 20 second longer lead-in from the marching band. The verses recorded over the band are a different recording. There is no accordion solo before the vocals begin, and the lyrics are extended and set to a slightly different melody.