The Power Of Dial-A-Song

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Music video for "The Power Of Dial-A-Song"

song name The Power of Dial-A-Song
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Dial-A-Song (2015), More Murdered Remains
year 2015
run time 1:07
sung by John Flansburgh


  • This updated version of the classic jingle for Dial-A-Song was recorded in 2015. Flansburgh stated on TMBG's Tumblr in 2018, "It's a new recording, but like the original, it was made with one tiny, and very crummy, microphone so it captures the sound very much in the same way."
  • This is the only song on My Murdered Remains to be entirely in mono (meaning there is no difference between the left and right audio channels)

Song Themes

Dial-A-Song Reference, Friendship, Questions, Self-Reference, Two Chord Songs


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