They Might Be Giants (Song) (1984 Demo)

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song name They Might Be Giants
artist They Might Be Giants
releases 1984 Promotional Demo Tape, TMBG Unlimited - May, (2000-2006), TMBG Clock Radio (as "TMBG Live" on FM dial), Podcast 46, Dial-A-Song Direct Bonus Tracks
year 1984
run time 2:49
sung by John Flansburgh


  • One of the band's very first recordings, this four track recording bears a fair amount of similarity to the final version that appeared on 1990 album Flood but slightly different lyrics, and a lot more "out" improvisation.
  • The line about "yelling out 'albatross'", which appears in both early versions as well as current live versions, is a reference to a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Hiya Hi can be heard fading out faintly at the start of the official MP3, suggesting that this was sourced from an as-yet-uncirculated demo tape.
  • The drum track of this song is directly taken from the 1979 drum beat album, DrumDrops Volume One by David Crigger and Joey D. Vieira. The track is titled "Bluegrass Country", and can be listened to here. The 1985 demo also uses this drum track.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Easter Eggs, Hair, Lies And Deception, Questions, Self-Reference, Size, Songs With Samples, Weather


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