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Hello. You have entered the realm of TMBW ruled by BlarJotunn.

If you don't know the meaning of my name, consult your handy Old Iclelandic glossary. If for some reason you don't have one, hear it is:

blár: black in Old Icelandic, in modern Icelandic it means blue

jötunn: "According to Nordic mythology, the giants (jötnar) had existed from the dawn of time. In many ways, they can be seen as the personification of the more powerful elements and the enemies of the gods and mankind. The original belief was that they lived in the distant north and east in Jotunheim ('the world of the giants'), where they were eternally planning the eventual overthrow of the gods. The final battle between them, Ragnarok ('the fate of the gods') would mark the end of the world. The original giants were clever and devious, and had an even greater knowledge of the world and the future than that which was available to Odin." -(The Sagas Of Icelanders 748) This is not to be confused with risi, "a later coinage, when old beliefs were fading and the ancient giants were merging with the troll figure, which was also losing its original characteristics; it refers primarily to the physical size of the beings, which live in the mountains on the borders of civilization."-(748)

I am one of two members of the band Palm Trees (HearingAid is the other.) Check out our most current website by clicking on the name. I also recommend the band The Meteors to any TMBG fans. They only lasted six months, but they have some mp3s to download and I really like them. [1]

Here's some of my favorite TMBG songs: She's An Angel (The first TMBG song I ever heard), No Answer, Man, It's So Loud In Here, Dr. Worm, Particle Man (my favorite version I've ever heard is the Stylophone one), Gas Mask, The Bloodboat, Now Is Strange, Skullivan, I'm All You Can Think About, Working Undercover For The Man, Horse With No Name, Istanbul (Not Constantinople), She Was A Hotel Detective, Richards On Richards, and Robot Parade (Adult Version), just to name a few.

Here are the TMBG releases I have:

They Might Be Giants:

-They Might Be Giants - Joshua Fried Split Single 7"

-They Might Be Giants LP

-Don't Let's Start (EP) 12", CD3, CS, 7" re-release, 12" re-release

-(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP) 12"

-Lincoln Sampler CD

-Lincoln LP

-They'll Need A Crane (EP) CD3

-Purple Toupee (EP) 8 Track

-The Videos 1986-1989 Laserdisc, VHS

-Flood LP, CD

-Birdhouse In Your Soul (EP) 7", CD, CS

-Twisting (Single) CD

-Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (EP) CD

-Apollo 18 LP, CD**Autographed**

-The Statue Got Me High (EP) CS, Promo CD

-I Palindrome I (EP) CD

-The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (EP) 7"

-Why Does The Sun Shine? (EP) CD

-O Tannenbaum (EP) 7"

-Back To Skull CD

-Factory Showroom CD

-S-E-X-X-Y 12"

-Then: The Earlier Years CD

-Severe Tire Damage CD

-Working Undercover For The Man EP CD

-2001 Radio Sampler #1 CD

-2001 Radio Sampler #2 CD

-Special Mink Car Sampler CD

-Mink Car Retail Sampler CD

-Mink Car (UK) CD

-Mink Car (US) CD

-No! CD

-They Got Lost CD

-Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns DVD

-Indestructible Object

-Indestructible Object Premastered Promo CDR

-The Spine CD

-The Spine Surfs Alone (EP) CD

-Experimental Film (Promo) Promo CDR

-Venue Songs CD/DVD

-Here Come The ABCs! DVD

-The Else CD, Promo CD

-Cast Your Pod To The Wind CD


-The Mundanes - Make It The Same (The Mundanes Single) 7"

-Mono Puff: Unsupervised CD

-Mono Puff: The Devil Went Down To Newport 7"

-Mono Puff: It's Fun To Steal CD

-John Linnell: State Songs (Hello EP) CD

-John Linnell: State Songs CD**Autographed**

-John Linnell: Montana (Single) Shaped Vinyl

-Lincoln (Band) CD

-WLIR 92.7 Bootleg '98

Mixes + Bootlegs (mp3s):

James' Gift, Power Of Dial-A-Song, Stumpbox, Stumpbox III: The Ceaseless Screaming, Matt's Favorite Live Songs (I'm *Update: STILL* working on it), Pink Album Show, John Henry Show, McSweeney's Show, 2001-01-27, 2001-11-16 BoweryBallroom, 2003-02-14 Joe's Pub, 1992-10-05 Modjeska Theatre, 1999-10-23 Bowery Ballroom, 2001-10-31 930 Club, 2002-06-29 DC Sessions, Gigantic Premiere Celebration, 2004-01-12 Joe's Pub, 2004-07-03 Power Center, 2004-07-10 Peavey Plaza, 1987-06-26 Club Rio, 1988-06-20 WUTL, Sohul Natural Sessions, 1992-02-10, 1992-04-24, J-Files, 1994-10-14 Sony Music Studios, 1996-11-15 The End Zone, 2000-04-27 Bowery Ballroom Webcast, 2001 Sonicet Radio, 2002-12-14 WFUV, Universal Buzz Radio, [[Shows/1999-09-03|1999-09-03 Lost And Found, All Things Considered], 2002-08-16 The Connection, 19990-04-28 The Metro, Then And Now, 2000-04-14 930 Club, 2000-04-14 930 Club, Pink Album Show, 1999-09-27 House Of Blues West Hollywood, 2001-05-02 Showplace Theatre, +A few more.

Most of these I got from the coolest guy here.

I'd Buy If Given The Chance (I wouldn't pay a fortune, but I'd like to own these): Wiggle Diskette, Long Tall Weekend (Physical CD), House Of Mayors (EP), Podcast Highlights, Are there physicals for Almanac or The Spine Hits The Hiway?

My Album Ranking

  1. Flood
  2. They Might Be Giants (Album)
  3. Factory Showroom
  4. Lincoln
  5. Apollo 18
  6. No
  7. The Else
  8. Mink Car
  9. The Spine
  10. Long Tall Weekend

I do not own John Henry, nor have I listened to it, and I intend to keep it that way. I like there to still be some mystery to TMBG for me.

The Songs Of Mink Car Ranked (as of 2006):

  1. Man, It's So Loud In Here
  2. Cyclops Rock
  3. My Man
  4. Wicked Little Critta
  5. Hopeless Bleak Despair
  6. Working Undercover For The Man
  7. Mink Car
  8. Mr. Xcitement
  9. Drink!
  10. Older
  11. Hovering Sombrero
  12. Boss Of Me
  13. Bangs
  14. Finished With Lies
  15. I've Got A Fang
  16. Another First Kiss
  17. She Thinks She's Edith Head
  18. Yeh Yeh
  19. MacGyver
  20. Your Mom's Alright




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Fan Of Marty





+Many more. (Collect them all!)