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Tmbgnumber1.jpg They Might Be Giants is this user's favorite band.

FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 1999.

Linnell 45.gif This user's favorite John is John Linnell.

Weinkauf 45.jpg This user's favorite band member is Danny Weinkauf.

Phone Power.png This user's favorite album is Phone Power.
FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is Dog.

Asheville 45.JPG This user's favorite Venue Song is Asheville.

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Wabash, IN.

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This user is 33 years old.

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About Me[edit]

Any age/location information can be found in the Babel at right. Other information provided below:

  • I own the following instruments:
  1. Electric Bass
  2. Acoustic Guitar
  3. Electronic Keyboard
  4. Recorder
  5. Accordion
  6. Trombone
  7. Harmonica
  8. Ukulele
  • Of those instruments, I play the bass and recorder the best. I am currently learning how to play the accordion (with free lessons from this accordion page. I used to play the euphonium, but learned trombone for jazz band. When my band teacher left school, he left me his trombone. The trumpet I played a long time ago, but now the mouthpiece is too small after having made the switch to a bigger instrument. That and the mouthpiece receiver and lead pipe have broken off. The other instruments I just play around with. And I am also taking drum lessons, just to round out the whole thing.
  • I got my degree in Chemical Engineering, and am currently working as a manufacturing data analytics consultant in Maine, though I travel over the US extensively.

How I Became a Fan[edit]

The very first song I heard from TMBG was Istanbul on the radio when I was around nine years old. The song stuck with me, and when I saw the video for it on Tiny Toons, as well as the one for Particle Man, I became a fan. As it happens with young ones, I forgot about Them for a few years, until in six grade I heard Birdhouse In Your Soul and suddenly remembered the other few songs I have heard from that band. After some internet searches, I eventually was able to figure out who the band actually was, as well as track down other songs by them. Starting in eighth grade, I began buying Their albums, the first being Factory Showroom. From then on, I was hooked.

Albums I Own[edit]

  1. They Might Be Giants
  2. Lincoln
  3. Flood
  4. Apollo 18
  5. Factory Showroom
  6. John Henry
  7. Mink Car
  8. The Spine
  9. No!
  10. Here Come the ABCs (DVD/CD Combo)
  11. Here Come the 123s
  12. Here Comes Science
  13. Venue Songs (DVD/CD Combo)
  14. The Else
  15. Join Us
  16. Nanobots
  17. Glean
  18. Phone Power
  19. I Like Fun
  20. My Murdered Remains
  21. More Murdered Remains
  22. Book

Taglines I've Done[edit]

I spend way too much time thinking about taglines... -Eraelan

These are what I consider to be my better taglines.

"Wiki page, heck yes we got 'em. Integral to a fan's learnin'. If a fact seem incorrect then Do feel free to re-edit them. Problems? Take them up with Admin. Wiki Page!"

"There's a page right now on the screen. There's a page right now on screen. And on the page there's phrase, and in the phrase there's a fact, And editing that fact is you-oo-oo-oo-oo."

(only did the bolded sections of this one) " "This Might Be A Wiki", a service to the public. / Doling out the info on the music we all covet. / The T-M-B-G Knowledge Base / Provides the facts that we all needed! / Right on the front page / I read the lengthy tagline / It takes a moment to discern the song. / But when it finally clicks / I feel such elation / And superior to the common throng."

"See them on the screen / See the pages loaded there / Inviting you to read / And add your imput, should you dare // Amazed, you have to look around / Marveling at what can be found / You start to search for something / And realize why this is / You finally start to see / This Might Be a Wiki"

"I K I, I K I, W A E B. T H G, T H G, I M S I H T."

"Come on, come on and be an editor. / I think you should really sign up and be an editor. / Think of all the facts you can learn, / all the truths you'll discern. / With only one click to join, why wouldn't you sign up and share what knowledge you have."

"Please allow me to correct this page, I'm an editor / You missed some facts but I fixed it with my last edit / I'm the guy who came in the night / Changed the Babel on your user site / And you hate me for that / You hate me for that / I'm an editor / Aggressive editor"

"There was a crazy mess, disorder, out on the interwebs / And no one wanted to acknowledge the need to edit it / So the admin created a guy / A guy who would fix all the wiki sites / Q-Bot / Q-Bot"

"The few remaining projects on the list await someone / To log in and do the edits needed to get them done / Admin is hoping you're up to the task / The project has some meaning, else they would have never asked / Look at the page / Fix that mistake / And add more info if you want before you go / I think it's so great that you helped the wiki site."

"Son I will edit", she said, "Can I change this word?" / Said I "Beloved," I said, "Word this change, I can." / Said she "Edit will I, son?"

"The wiki, it stands / With pages at hand / To be carefully picked over, and picked over again / Editors on each night / Working by screen-light / No site un-maintained, thanks to keyboard rain"

'The day Scott Redd and Brad Will got married / The fans all made their user sites / Happiness bled from every new song page / And Bi-Planes bombed with fluffy pillows"

"I built a little web site with a few lines of code / And ten bucks that I got from my friend Brad / Then I built a couple bots to do the work I'd rather not / As the fans say "Thanks for the Giant facts" "

"Sometimes, I feel like reading wikis / And once in a while give editing a try / I don't do it a lot 'cause dial-up is all I got / And I hope that this page loads before I die"

"If you're editing a wiki / And the site crashes / Would you jump off a building? / Would you start looking for the skull head / Frustrating all your efforts / With its machinations maddening? / Would you live inside a room so small / With such soft walls / And no windows? / If so, don't forget to leave a memo / In the bag of groceries / Sitting next to the door."

"But I'm thinking of a wiki page / About a band that is all the rage / And I'm scrolling down the web site / Looking at some stuff / Oh, I can't get enough / Let me surf you there / Read about this show / To which I did go / T'was in the middle of nowhere / So many are here / And they have made it clear / That they really care / And though I hate to quit / I have to admit / This line is going nowhere!"