Ana Ng (Every Other Beat)

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This song was made available exclusively to members of the They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club.
Information about some IFC material was originally unavailable on TMBW prior to 2024, but due to the availability of details about these projects elsewhere online, we will be cataloging them going forward in the spirit of remaining an accurate and complete TMBG knowledge base. Per the IFC oath, distributing or requesting IFC-exclusive content is still prohibited.

song name Ana Ng (Every Other Beat)
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Instant Fan Club 2018
year 2018
run time 1:42
sung by John Linnell


  • Effectively an official TMBG shitpost, this IFC-exclusive MP3 was created by John Linnell and inspired by a YouTube meme where every other beat is removed from a familiar song. He introduced it in email with examples of similar creations:
¡Hola! Señor Linnell here to let you know that we are jumping on the “every other beat” bandwagon and have made Ana Ng, every other beat available for download. The description should be self explanatory but if you haven’t already checked out this dubious trend there are already many titles out there that employ the time-saving stunt of skipping beats. Songs you have grown tired of, or that you wish would be over sooner, or that you just want to enjoy in a new way are all revived and refreshed. A quick internet search for “Every Other Beat” will reveal a wealth of titles. Some other chopped up songs by other artists you may enjoy: Take On Me and 500 Miles. If you can tolerate a greater amount of cacophony may we suggest Africa by Toto except with every word alphabetized.

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