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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Cowtown (Original Demo) 2:23

Dial-A-Song, Podcast 46 1983 Sounds significantly slower, and features Linnell singing behind Flansburgh more.
Cowtown (1985 Demo 1) 2:23

1985 Promotional Demo Tape #3, 1985 Promotional Demo Tape #6 1985 Similar to the second 1985 demo, but with a more prominent drum beat and guitar.
Cowtown (1985 Demo 2) 2:22

1985 Demo Tape 1985 This version is quite different than the later re-recording for Lincoln. Instead of a clarinet, the main instrument is an odd sounding, warbly synth. Also, the guitar is much more timid and the arrangement is much more minimal (for instance, there are no screams in the bridge).
Cowtown 2:21

Lincoln, Then: The Earlier Years, Mightathon, Best Of The Early Years, Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants 1988
1999 - Cowtown Medley 4:15

TMBG Unlimited - July, (2000-2006) 2001 A live version in which the Johns combined the melodies and lyrics from Prince's famous song, 1999, and Cowtown