Crystal Fortress

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Music video for "Crystal Fortress"
Come down from your crystal fortress, oh Strong Bad.

song name Crystal Fortress
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Podcast 37A
year 2008
run time 2:07
sung by John Linnell, John Flansburgh, Matt Chapman as Strong Bad; Sharon Jones backs


  • This song, which features Strong Bad and Limozeen, made its first appearance in Podcast 37A. Flansburgh later stated in the podcast that they are hoping to use the song in a future collaboration with The Brothers Chaps. The song (with a video) finally made it onto the Homestar Runner website in September 2009.
  • Strong Bad's line, "You get French fries, and you get French fries, but you don't get French fries," is likely a reference to the Here Come the 123s song "Even Numbers."
  • Sharon Jones' backing vocals were revealed by the Strong Bad Twitter account in 2020.

Song Themes

Bodily Mutilation, Food, French, Hands, Heads, Misanthropy‎, Music, People (Imaginary), Religion, Supernatural, Weather, Writing


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