Deeply Felt Puppet Theater

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Jebediah and Gloria of the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater

Deeply Felt Puppet Theater is the puppet act put on by Robin Goldwasser and another mysterious puppeteer (possibly Jonny Cragg) at TMBG's kids' shows. The group is made up of Gloria Felt (the parrot), Jebediah Deeply (the monkey), and Pearlie Poodle. The puppets themselves were designed and created by Robin. In a 2022 Tumblr post, she confirmed that the puppets were made of "a mixture of vintage and new fabrics (mostly wools) and trims. And always buttons for eyes."

The Deeply Felt Puppet Theater make appearances in the following videos on Here Come The ABCs and Here Come The 123s:

They have also appeared under the pseudonym "They Might Be Puppets" in the video for "The Long Grift".

Even though the puppets are used primarily for kids songs, they have performed the song "Puppets Gonna Fuck You Up" at adult shows. The song is about how the puppets break out of the "act" they've been putting on and reveal their true selves.