Guitar Tab:Clap Your Hands

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Clap Your Hands
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: B Flat Minor
Year: 2000
Tabbed By: HectorR
Just played on the low E string, here's what it looks like

E:|--4-5-6-7--7--7-5--9-*(5--7-7)-|  Repeat 4x   *(first 3 times only)

E:|--5-6-8-7--8--8-6--10-*(6--8-8)-| Repeat 4x   *(first 3 times only)

E:|--7-8-9-10--10--10-8--12-*(8--10-10)-|  Repeat 4x   *(first 3 times only)

Any questions or comments are appreciated

User:Zondry (Date: April 21, 2018):

Most of this is correct. However, another suggestion, although optional: Bb5 (Clap your hands!), C5 (Stomp your feet!), D5 (Jump in the air!) with a wah effect along with the lead riff on a second guitar can be used (done live by Dan Miller).

Here's more if anyone wants to attempt the extended live version:

AFter the "Jump in the air!" section, shout "everybody jump in the air!" and then play D5 or D major chords on every quarter beat for 3 bars followed by one D major chord or D5 for a half rhythm.

(Repeat "Clap your hands!" again, low E string):

E:|-10-11-12-13--13--13-11--16--11--13 (repeat 3x)

Ending (during the last "Clap your hands!"):

E:|-10-11-12-13--13--13-11--13 (Interchangeable: 16th fret for the last note)

Then ends with "Everybody clap your hands!".