Guitar Tab:Lucky Ball & Chain

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Lucky Ball & Chain
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: G Major
Year: 1990
(Verse 1):
  G             Em    
I lost my lucky ball & chain
    C              D       
And now she's four years gone
     G                  Em      
Just five feet tall and sick of me
    C      D        G      
And all my rattling on
     G              Em     
She threw away her baby-doll
  C            D       
I held on to my pride
    G               Em      
But I was young and foolish then
       C       D       G      
I feel old and foolish now.

B7 - - - - x

      C                             G      
Confidentially, she never called me baby-doll
      C                             G    
Confidentially, I never had much pride
    C                            G    
But now I rock a bar stool and I drink for two
     D              C               D      
Just pondering this time bomb in my mind.
(Repeat first four lines of 1st verse)
    G                  Em            
She walked away from a happy man.
  C                D             
I thought I was so cool.
   G               Em            
I just stood there whistling
       C                  D                  G    Em  
"There goes the bride" as she walked out the door
      C                 D                  G
There goes the bride as she walked out the door
F#dim7 (or Bdim7/F# for the recorded version)

(Verse 3, repeat Verse 1 chords):
I could shake my tiny fist
And swear I wasn't wrong,
But what's the sense in arguing
When you're all alone?
Sure as you can't steer a train
You can't change your fate
When she told me off that day
I knew I'd lost my home.

B7 - - - - x
      C                          G 
Confidentially, I never told you of her charms.
      C                        G 
Confidentially, we never had a home,
    C                               G  
But this railroad apartment was the perfect place
D                  C              D     
When she'd sit and hold me in her arms.

(Repeat 2nd verse)

      C                 D                  G     (Repeat 3x)
"There goes the bride" as she walked out the door.   


G - Em - C - D (repeat infinitely until fade as heard on the record, or just end with G. G on the bass during those chords)

(The MIDI sax lead during the coda has yet to be tabbed)

 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +