Guitar Tab:Spoiler Alert

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Spoiler Alert
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Major
Year: 2011

D              Em7
Here comes the last page
                 E7      D/F#  G  A
All I need is an ending

D                      Em7
Nearing the end of the last page
                   E7          D/F#  G  A
And the end of the whole book

D                           Em7
Yeah, what to do with these loose ends?
I should change the beginning
                   D/F#     G
But I shouldn't be typing
A         D
While I'm driving

While I'm making a phone call
While I'm searching through the glovebox
                     D/F#    G           A
While I'm writing it all down while it's happening

Bb            D/A             G#dim  G
They're gonna be so impressed
Gm            D/F#         E9  A9
When they get a load of me

D                  Em7                    E7
    It's like I've got two extra pairs of hands
       D             G      A      D
Two to write, two to steer, one to scratch
            Em7             E7
My head and one to cover my eyes
            D          G           A
Which would help me to think up an end

D                      Em7           E7
    Yeah, some kind of punctuational mark
            D      G         A 
Some kind of,           some kind of
D                  Em7          E7
    Some kind of trouble up ahead
                 D        G   A
What the hell, what the hell

Bb D/A G#dim G Gm D/F# E9 A9 D