Guitar Tab:Subliminal

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Major
Year: 1994
Tabbed By: Adam Lane
 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +

 This song has very a prominant accordion part, which uses some inverted
 chords and stuff, so the song (especially the intro) sounds pretty weak
 on just guitar. You can substitute all __5 chords as their major equivalents 
 and it will sound fuller.
 A5                                            D5
 As I got hit by a car there was a message for me
 A5                                             D5
 As I went through the windshield I noticed something
 Bm          D                 E    Bm        D           E
 Subliminal, In an unnoticeable way, Important, and hard to see
 A5        D5     A5        D5
 Subliminal       Subliminal
      Subliminal      Subliminal
 (Play intro here)
 While lying there in my bed there was a message for me
 As I went through the pillow I noticed something
 A5         D5    A5        D5
 Subliminal,      subliminal
 A5      D5        A5             D5
 Stare into the subliminal for as long as you can
 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +