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Original Interpretation[edit]

well, someone's got to do an interpretation eventually, so here it goes. This is just some Nations that were put in Alphabetical order (one letter for each nation)but scince there's no W and X nations, they just made one up (West Xylophone) That's about all there is to it as far as I know. klimdeeni

On West Xylophone[edit]

  • There is a website for the West Xylophone Tourism Board. Not much there now, but they will sell you a "WX" oval car sticker. A blog has been started about this nascent nation, complete with quotes from Terry Linnell, Lally Flans, and Jim Polk. The fine folks of West Xylophone kindly offer a link to order the ABCs DVD and CD, of course!
  • These people are clearly some sort of con-artists or worst. There is no longer a West Xylophone, as Linnell has explained during at least one show, that was the colonial name, the country is now known as Marimba.
    • The confusion over the name seems to be cleared up by the History of West Xylophone. Marimba was the post-colonial name of the island, but the old name was restored in the interest of ethnic unity.
  • The West Xylophone site doesn't look like a bunch of con-artists (though they maybe be a few fans looking to make a little money; it doesn't seem as if the site is affiliated with TMBG, but I could be wrong). Since they sell t-shirts that say "My imaginary friend went to West Xylophone and brought me back this tee shirt" and "West Xylophone: Where your imaginary friend would go on vacation", I don't think they are trying to truly fool anyone into thinking the island is real. — zytka
    • Yes, and I'm also groving on the "University of West Xylophone" (U v. W X) shirts.

Would West Xylophone happen to be anywhere near Fibber Island?