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A variation on a theme.[edit]

Oh Flans! After the triumph of Too Tall Girl the clunking disaster of Didn't kill Me. Thematically, a sequel to lucky ball and chain about the one that got away. Artistically if only this song had slipped off. Perhaps the band has too much freedom these days. The short songs are a bit hit and miss and this is the worst. Ok for a rarities cd for completists but not for a major release. An odd jar out of the surreal songs that make up this album, you half wonder if it made it by mistake. It's so unlike everything else on Nanobots. Sleep would have been a more logical closing track. A weak finish to a solid album.

(Mr Tuck)

The fact that this song is unlike everything else on the album is exactly why it works so well.

(some guy)

Looking at the current ratings it's right at the bottom in terms of it's (lack of) appreiciation.

(Mr Tuck)

The End[edit]

The one thing I appreciate about this song is the fact that it ends the album, literally, with the phrase "the end". Reminiscent of "The End of the Tour" (the title), "Road Movie to Berlin" (ends with 'and we'll go...'), "About Me" ('you might be thinking that you're free' before several minutes of silence leading to bonus tracks) - in this sort of implicit acknowledgement that the album is coming to a close. -JDG

Kelly Nietzsche[edit]

Captain obvious says Flans is turning Friedrich Nietzsche on his ear. But as usual, in 2012 he was listening to the radio for new music - and there was no way to avoid Kelly Clarkson's Stronger. This is punk rock: deflating enormous hot air balloons with a pinprick. --Nehushtan (talk) 13:44, 6 August 2020 (EDT)