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Some in Memphis feel that this song is loosely based on a Memphis drummer of the 1980s and early 1990s, a real person, who played in two all-women alternative music groups of the time, but she was not as debauched as the person in the exaggerated, patronizing song lyric. She actually is from Arkansas however. This connection could just be a rumor that's untrue unless the Young Fresh Fellows, who recorded this in 1991, spent some time down in Memphis, which it sounds like they did.

Doctor Worm's cousin? -bigblargh

Another one of these, probably[edit]

Probably just about one of Flansy's old girlfriends, even though it's a cover, he probably heard it and was like, "OH YEAH THIS IS JUST LIKE SO AND SO!!!" Also I would like to point out my theory about Mono Puff is that Flansburgh just had a bunch of songs he wanted to perform, then Linnell thought they were stupid and Flansy was really sour about it, stuck his tongue out, and proceeded to make his own band.