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I think this song is about a couple who just broke up (You are an Ex), and the singer is sad because in everything he sees (TV DVD) he sees her in them, he's always thinking about her. He says that he sees her and that she is ok (without him), but that he "Doubles You" i.e. completes her.

(2/25/05): Leave it to Linnell to sneak in a melancholy break-up song on a CHILDREN'S ALBUM, and for that song's lyrics to be composed entirely of LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET. There is nothing these guys can't do.

i was under the impression that w was meant to mean "love you".

at least that's what it sounds like it should be.

It is just about two Xs. And when the other shows up, he doubles the other one, since there are now 2 Xs.

Those are probably better interpretations than mine, which is that it's a porn producer trying to convince a reluctant girl (possibly at a bar) to be in one of his movies.

Come on, "I see TV, and I see you I see you, I see you, and you are okay" "I see a DVD, I see a DVD, and I see you" Rough interpretation, "You're hot stuff, I'm going to make you famous baby!"

Could "u" be in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Although u has recovered, and is OK? If Linnell read this, he'd laugh at us reading way too deeply into a song thrown together with very few letter-words. ~benthorot

I think this song is about two persons: X1 and X2. X1 loves X2 and X2 is famous person who happens to appear on TV and DVDs. X1 thinks that X2 would be more confident and successful with X1's love. However the song does not mention anything about X2's thoughts; so we don't know if X2 also loves X1 or not. I hope they both love each other and are happy.

X and X[edit]

Could "X" also refer to the x-chromosome, as in, both of the characters are female? Although the X on television clearly has feminine lips and eyelashes, the X on the couch is not as easy to identify. Is this an LGBTQ statement? 21:49, 9 May 2013 (EDT)