Interpretations:Read A Book

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Slacker Study Session[edit]

These lyrics sound exactly like conversations I've overheard among underachieving college students studying for an exam at the last minute. They're flipping through the textbook like mad to find answers, obviously never having read it before now. Having no success at the "sharing our ignorance" approach to studying, one of them decides to ask one of the "smart guys" in the class that he knows. --Hockpa2e 16:54, March 26, 2012

An ode to learning[edit]

They might be Giants at their best. John Flansburgh at his best. A beautiful sonnet to reading and learning. This tiny nugget of a song is perfect. How this got left of for Dogwalker?! Who knows. (Mr Tuck)

John is just annoyed[edit]

John is annoyed people ask him stupid Questions when they could Just Google it or read a book.