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This one of the TMBG - notice i don't spell it TMNG like the idiot below me - nerd patrol songs. It simply states exact fact (except for the lyrical error about materials becoming plasmas and not gasses on the sun, that was the mistake of the original songwriter). The song in this sense is similar to tunes like James K. Polk.

Alright all you TMNG fans out there... Im gonna give it to ya straight forward. This song is about (yep, you guessed it) THE SUN!!!!!!!. It is not about drugs or Jesus. It is a pretty simple song.- drworm 818/visit me om IM some time. good ta meet another TMBG fan

Does this really need an interpretation?


Yes. Its about Drugs.


In my opinion, "The Sun" is meant to represent "The Son"... The song is obviously about Jesus. Change the words around and it makes sense:
Jesus is a mass of incandescent gas
A gigantic nuclear furnace
Where hydrogen is built into helium
At a temperature of millions of degrees

Jesus is hot
He is so hot that everything on Him is a gas. Iron, copper, aluminium, and many others.
Jesus is large.
If Jesus were hollow, a million Earths could fit inside, and yet, Jesus is only a middle-sized star.
Jesus is far away
About ninety-three million miles away, and that's why He looks so small.
And even when it's out of sight, Jesus shines night and day.

Scientists have found that Jesus is a huge atom-smashing machine. The heat and light of Jesus come from the nuclear reactions of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and helium.

So says I. --Trapezoid

I think i read an article in Discover about Jesus being a huge atom-smashing machine. This theory holds up!

Today is obviously not opposite day, because that's the only way the above doesn't make sense.

Seriously, people, this song is a remake of an _educational song_, which TMBG obviously chose to redo for its sheer silliness and the fun happiness of the music. There is no possible way that 'Jesus is a huge atom-smashing machine' makes a smidgeon of sense. Sorry.

I'm leaving the above there as a legacy to my idiocy. On further reflection (as well as on learning who Trapezoid is) I realize that it is mostly obvious a joking of some humorousness. So... feel free to smack my forhead for me, as I may not be intelligent enough to coordinate my muscles properly.

I've found that if you replace the words "the sun" with "your butt," it makes for a very humorous song... Your butt is hot, your butt is not a place where we can live...

How embarrassing it would be should it prove true, as badly scanned-in at, that the sun is not a mass of incandescent gas! --M. Fudd 21:06, 13 Dec 2005 (EST)

I think it's about what the sun is and how it works, it's just a random guess though -bubs

Love the sun![edit]

Replying to the first interpretations, I think the song has a very greatfull and celebratory tone to it, but it isn't about Jesus, Its about the sun itself. I know the lyrics are incorrect- I'm trying to adapt it with correct facts so I don't feel slightly guilty singing it...