Lyrics:Dear Old Plants

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Dear Old Plants
By: People Are Wrong! Cast
Year: 2002

Now that we've got these critters taken care of There's yet another thing to be aware of What's the deal with the dead plants on our lawn? Strewn about with no regard for what the neighbors might think Xanthus, we think we've got a problem

These plants are dormant, they're not gone They're gonna grow and carry on When the spring arrives, a new seedling thrives And it's thanks to the dear old plants Thanks to the dear old plants

Sun, seed and water, soil and sky Working together, side by side And the nutrients will pay the rent to the earth for the dear old plants To the earth for the dear old plants

Grow, plants, grow (grow, plants, grow) Grow, plants, grow Move on, to the sun

Please let me gather up these souls And formulate a rich compost To be used by you, and the town folks too As they bring forth divine new plants From the souls of the dear old plants