Lyrics:Dimension Six Rock

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Dimension Six Rock
By: People Are Wrong! Cast
Year: 2002

Forget the house, ditch the houseboy Prepare yourself for a new dimension

(Dimension one) Ain't nothing but a railroad track (It ain't no fun) It's skinny as a sidewalk crack The joints are pinner, the boys are thin as a line In dimension number ein

(Dimension two) It's flat as a frying pan (Not much to do) Layin' 'round working on your tan You can't stand tall or bend down to touch your toes Not in dimension number dos

(Dimension three) Sound, fury, and tragedy (Not what you see) It's Olive Garden and Applebee's Counter-revolution and pollution and whoa! killer bees No more dimension number three

(Dimension four) It's the time between now and then (Can give you more) What you are and what you might have been The cause for grief and sorrow for tomorrow, whatchyou want that for? That's dimension number four

(Dimension five) Let the sun shine in my friends (We can fly) Go where you wanna go my friends (Go! Go! Go!) It was rockin' in the sixties, but lately it sounds so jive That's dimension number five

(Dimension six) Forget your check, forget your cash (Do the splits) Just bring your spirit and your funky ass The human race will prosper, along with trees and rocks and sticks That's dimension number six That's dimension six