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THURSDAY Free Central Park Show SATURDAY Boston Museum of Fine Arts

HELLO ALL! FLANSY HERE.... Great to be back in NYC! I know twice does not make a trend and I know it's a common name, but I have once again in as many months seen the name "James Lipton" on a building directory. Of course, the host of the Actor's Studio probably doesn't live at either of these addresses, but it makes me wonder if James Lipton has started hoarding NYC real estate one apartment at a time.... That dude could be cleverer than he looks... Still getting over the killer profile on TMBG in the current issue of the New Yorker. Being offhandedly described as "seminal" is something that has never really happened to us before, but I'll try to adjust. Wish there was an on-line way to direct you to it, but the traditionalists at the New Yorker would prefer you buy it on a newsstand. (It also includes an article by McSweeney's bigwig Dave Eggers!)

JOIN TMBG AS WE ENTER OUR THIRD DECADE AS A BAND! FREE SHOW IN CENTRAL PARK AUG. 15! Yes, believe it or not, John and I are returning to the same place we started, Central Park, twenty years ago to the month! It seems like a very fuzzy yesterday to me that John and I were carrying the majestic but ponderously weighty Farfisa organ over the rock walls that border the cab route going through the middle of the park. I recall we played "Cowtown" and "Space Suit" (with Linnell playing the clarinet) Other songs I vaguely remember are "Penguin" (sample lyric:"penguin, penguin, all alone and lost, standing, sitting, looks for a place to park") and "Cabbagetown" (which ultimately became an Elektra b-side) It would be 1983 before we played out again (where we would incorporate the cutting edge technology of the 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder) but the first one was there, and you are all invited to celebrate its anniversary!

TMBG.COM CHAT TOMORROW! The missing link? starting at 10pm EST. This chat is to encourage newcomers to the TMBG world to get together, although the old schoolers are always invited. TONIGHT'S TOPIC (STRAIGHT OUT OF LATE NIGHT TMBG BUS CONVERSATIONS) is COMEDY: Is Robin Williams aware of his reputation as a joke-stealer? / Who's funnier: Harvey Korman, Ted Knight, or Don Knotts? /

PEOPLE ARE WRONG in SEPTEMBER! Tickets are now on sale! It is my pleasure to invite you to the first run of the original rock musical "People Are Wrong!" Tickets are going fast, so we want to encourage you to get your reservations in soon. This is my first go-around as an off-off Broadway producer (which comes up dead even with "video director" as my most dubious job title to date), and I am also producing the soundtrack album right now. The show, conceived at a drunken dinner party in upstate New York, was put to song by Robin Goldwasser and Julia Greenberg. The show stars the showstopper himself Mr. Dave Driver. I'll be performing alongside Dave, Robin and Julia among other downtown luminaries. Joe McGinty's Losers Lounge band is backing us up so we can guarantee an inspired musical performance!

All shows are on MONDAY at 7:00 & 9:30 pm SEPTEMBER 9, 16, 23, 30 Tickets are $20 and are available through TeleCharge: 212.239.6200 or at The Public Theater Box Office. Joe's Pub at The Public Theater 425 Lafayette Street(below Astor Place) in New York City. Further info at 212.539.8770 or

RARITIES CD IS NOW AVAILABLE ON-LINE! "They Got Lost" is They Might be Giants' first full length compilation of top-quality rarities. This disc draws from a wide array of sources- including "On The Drag" (as featured in our current live shows) the very best of our various EMusic efforts (with tracks from the "Battle of the Bands" project and a couple of tracks from "Long Tall Weekend"), to our jingles for This American Life and the Chopping Block. It even includes a totally spontaneous song from a live show. Most of the original 21 tracks have never been available on CD in any form. They Got Lost includes: Reprehensible, Rat Patrol, I'm Sick (of this American life), Disappointing Show, Words Are Like, All Alone, Rest Awhile, Oranges, Truth in Your Words, Down to the Bottom of the Sea, I Am a Human Head, Empty Bottle Blues, They Got Lost, The Army's Tired Now, Oranges Testimonial, Theme to McSweeney's, Dollar for Dollar, Mosh Momken Abadon, Token Back to Brooklyn and Certain People I Could Name.

"They Got Lost" and special value bundles only available on-line!

Purchase "They Got Lost" with one of our many new t-shirt designs (like our "No!" shirts -in kids sizes too- or the "Ladies Hayseed" (known less modestly as "babydoll" stylee) and save big bucks. Throw in a copy of "Mink Car" or "No!" to your order and you'll be convinced we've lost our minds. Operator Dot is standing by to guarantee you total customer satisfaction.

Other upcoming TMBG live shows: Dewey Beach DE 8/14. Harrisburg PA 8/21, Buffalo NY 8/22, Toronto 8/23

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS DOCUMENTARY "GIGANTIC" DIRECTED BY AJ SCHNACK NOW PLAYING AT THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS IN BOSTON ON THESE SPECIAL DATES: Sat. 8/17 at 4:15, Sun. 8/18 at 7 (with Q & A w/ Flansburgh and Schnack) Thurs. 8/22 at 8, Sat. 8/24, at 4, Thurs. 8/29, at 8, Thurs. 9/5 at 8, Sat. 9/7 at 3* Thurs. 9/19 at 6*

For recorded program/box office info: 617.369.3770 For advance ticket sales call 617.369.3306 OR go to for online purchase. Tickets may be purchased in person at the box office as well.

TMBG at THE BOSTON MFA CONCERTS INFO: They Might Be Giants 20th Anniversary Concerts, Saturday Aug 17 at 6:30pm and 9:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased online at via phone at

617.542.4632 or at the MFA box office.