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For the official soundtrack featuring two They Might Be Giants songs, see Music From Malcolm In The Middle. For the leaked soundtrack featuring only They Might Be Giants songs, see Music From Malcolm In The Middle (Promo).

Malcolm in the Middle is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning American sitcom that ran on FOX for seven seasons, from 2000 to 2006. They Might Be Giants contributed by creating the show's Grammy-winning theme song, "Boss Of Me," and by creating the incidental music for the show's first two seasons. Other They Might Be Giants songs are featured in numerous episodes.

Malcolm in the Middle Logo

Season One[edit]

  • "Pilot" - "Pencil Rain" is played over the climax in which Malcolm stands up to the school bully.
  • "Red Dress" - "Nice Is Good, Mean Is Bad" is the song Lois uses to get the boys to talk. At the end of the episode, an instrumental version of "Reprehensible" is played at the end, when Hal sets the couch on fire. "European Ska" is also played during this episode.
  • "Home Alone 4" - "Till My Head Falls Off" is played when the boys clean the house then make it messy again. "Four Track Mind" (an instrumental version of "Clap Your Hands") is played during the early flashback of Francis' nose piercing.
  • "Shame" - "Monster" is played when Hal, Reese, and Dewey play with the wood-chipper. Later, "Bright Idea" is heard as Malcolm goes door to door.
  • "Malcolm Babysits" - "Why Does The Sun Shine?" is heard at the beginning, as Lois makes the boys watch non-violent TV. Later, "Reprehensible" is played while Malcolm is shown at the house babysitting and his family is shown at the trailer.
  • "Sleepover" - "Instrument Tour" is three times in the episode: at the beginning of the first scene, as Malcolm pushes Stevie, and right before they arrive back at Stevie's house. "Tres Quatro" is played as Malcolm lugs Stevie around. The same music heard in the Vincent Price dialog on the podcast is heard while Francis is being tortured.
  • "Francis Escapes" - "Reprehensible" is heard as the family eats dinner. A small part of "Cut The Strings" is heard when Lois is driving to the park. An alternate version of "Don't Cry" is heard as Hal takes Francis back to school.
  • "Krelboyne Picnic" - An instrumental "Nice Is Good, Mean Is Bad" is heard in the background in the first picnic scene.
  • "Lois vs. Evil" - "Something You'd Like To See" can be heard in a backstage scene during pageant rehearsals. "Playground Pokemon" (an earlier version of "Empty Bottle Collector") can be heard during the first scene of the beauty pageant.
  • "Funeral" - "Kids Are Different Now" is played over Malcolm's flashback of family gatherings. Later, "Four Track Mind" is heard as Hal tries to plug in the record player.
  • "The Bots and The Bees" - "Tres Quatro" is played while Hal gives Craig a pink belly.
  • "Smunday" - The opening chords of "Cut The Strings" can be heard when Richie and his friends arrive. "Spiraling Shape" is played when the caddy falls off the roof.
  • "Water Park" - "Too Cool Girls" is played when Malcolm and Reese face off and "Triboro" can be heard while Malcolm is chickening out of a big water slide.

Season Two[edit]

  • "Traffic Jam" - "Mas Fun" is heard when we see Dewey riding home with different people in different cars.
  • "Dinner Out" - Part of "Mr. Xcitement" plays briefly in the scene where Francis in the cadets escape the local girls with a fire extinguisher. An instrumental version of “Robot Parade (Adult Version)” is played when Stevie beats Reese up at the restaurant.
  • "Bully" - "Sunshine" is played during the episode.
  • "Old Mrs. Old" - The music video for "Boss Of Me", starring They Might Be Giants and some of the Malcolm in the Middle cast, premiered preceding the initial airing of this episode.
  • "Traffic Ticket" - An instrumental version of Clap Your Hands plays while Francis talks to the other cadets in the common area before speaking with Malcolm on the phone.

Season Three[edit]

  • "Christmas" - "The Bells Are Ringing" is heard during the ornament fight. According to a note on TV Tome: "This is the first time this song has been used in a Christmas context, since the song technically has nothing to do with Christmas."

Season Five[edit]

  • "Malcolm Visits College" - "Wake Up Call" is played when the drunken children at the Grotto get rowdy.

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