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Host: Julian Dufy
Date published: November 13, 2006
Show length: 24:34
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"Hosted by public radio's Duke of Dead Air-Cecil Portesque-broadcasting from a secret, very futuristic location. Includes exclusive They Might Be Giants recordings, previews and rarities."


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  • Starting time [0:00] - Unidentified female dialog: "I am not distributing my favors with largesse."
  • [0:04] - Vincent Price dialog ("They Might Be Giants" soundbytes from '85 Radio Special Thank You):
We dedicate this program today to our own land. From these United States we go forth into the world in music, bearing the rich gifts of poetry from the pen of They Might Be Giants. The same They Might Be Giants who gave a voice to mute America, and taught the world about strong democracy. And wrote words of praise for all the average people from all nations, who found a home on these shores. And They Might Be Giants sang this song. Thank you.
Hey everybody, It's Julian Dufy substituting for Cecil who's out this week. You're listening to They Might Be Giants Podcast 10A. Thank you for podcasting in. You've just heard Homunculus, a song that's featured on the They Might Be Giants Myspace page right now. Then there was Wicked Little Critter recorded live at New Haven, Connecticut in 2004, I Hear A New World featuring Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser on the lead vocals, and then the demo for Cyclops Rock. I want to tell you that They Might Be Giants are going to be performing a number of benefit shows for Generation Schools. Now, Generation Schools is a new progressive educational program that's starting right out in Brooklyn. If you want to know more about it, go to their website at generationschools.org. It's a very cool organization. Now, They Might Be Giants will be performing ... New York, a kids show and an adult show at the end of this week. And then, after they get back from Barcelona they'll be performing two kids shows in Philadelphia and a kids show and an adult show in Southpaw in Brooklyn, all benefit the Generation Schools and P.S. 146 there in Brooklyn. So, you'll want to check those shows out. Alright, right now we're going to get back to the remix theme that Cecil started with Podcast 9A and this is Larger Than Life, a Joshua Fried remix of Actual Size.
Hey everybody, Julian Dufy back here sitting in for Cecil. You just heard another Snail Shell remix demo. We want to remind you that They Might Be Giants Podcast is a copywritten feature of They Might Be Giants. It is not for reproduction or resale. If you'd like to show your support of They Might Be Giants podcasts we'd urge you to tell your friends about it, it's available at iTunes and at tmbg.com along with their free mp3 service, or buy a t-shirt at tmbg.com. Now we're going to leave you with a song from some friends of They Might Be Giants, The Long Winters on Barsuk Records. Here's the opening track of their new album, it's called Pushover.