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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: July 8, 2011
Show length: 22:27
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"If you would like to support TMBGs creative work go to www.tmbg.com and pre-order their new album Join Us. Four advance tracks available now."


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They... Might Be Giants Podcast. I'm your host, Cecil Portesque, the undisputed... King of Dead Air, ladies and gentlemen. What did you hear? you heard "Stormy Pinkness" from the 80s, live in Germany, They Might Be Giants off a cassette. Then you heard "The Cap'm", from The Else, then a work tape of "Fall Means Sadness", later entitled "Poison Flowers", from Mono Puff. "I'm A Little Airplane" from TMBG's podcast and the podcast alone. Then "Hiya Hi" off a 1985 They Might Be Giants demo cassette. "The End of the Tour" live. Ladies and gentlemen, They Might Be Giants have a brand new album coming out in the end of July pick it up, pre-order it at iTunes or at tmbg.com, help out the band, every week with a brand new podcast, paying my bills. Your host, Cecil Portesque, ladies and gentlemen. All right, now we've got another demo. This is the original demo of "We Live in a Dump". Very popular song. Come out and see They Might Be Giants live this summer at the Brooklyn show and then later on they've got a big national tour across the US.
That was Ms. Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches performing "Bed Bed Bed Bed Bed" off the children's book Bed Bed Bed by They Might Be Giants, ladies and gentlemen. Well, thank you all for podcasting in. We'll see you all next week, I'm your host Cecil Portesque. Right now, here's an Elegant Too remix of "Pictures of Pandas Painting", available here on They Might Be Giants Podcast.