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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: February 10, 2006
Show length: 23:53
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"Includes exclusive They Might Be Giants live recordings, rarities and preview tracks. Including " Miniature Sidewalk Whirlwind," "Valentine," "The Long Grift," "Love Is Eternity," and much more! Plus The Last Car performing "So Easy to Love," "Running Strong," and "Tell Us Mr. T"."


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  • Starting time [0:00] - Valentine
  • [1:33] - Narrator patter:
All right. Happy Valentine's Day everybody. You are listening to They Might Be Giants Podcast 3A. I'm your host, Cecil. And we've got exclusive material. An interview with the Deranged Millionaire comin' up. But first, love songs.
  • [2:03] - Asheville
  • [3:26] - The Long Grift (Cecil Portesque sings along on the final line)
  • [5:53] - Narrator patter:
This is your friend Cecil, and you're listening to They Might Be Giants podcast 3A. It's a beautiful day outside, beautiful day to be enjoying a podcast. Coming up is a brand new exclusive to They Might Be Giants podcast, but we do want to remind everybody that there's exclusive material also available at TMBG.com, just sign up for the email list, and you get a free MP3 of piece of music that isn't available anywhere else. But we want to play you a track now, called Miniature Sidewalk Whirlwind. And it's a debut right here.
The Last Car performing so easy to love, produced by John Flansburgh, They Might Be Giants, and that was an exclusive to this podcast. You are listening to They Might Be Giants podcast 3A; I'm your host Cecil. Let's get back to the music. Here's another song from The Last Car, from their Mr. T series, and it's called Running Strong.
This first section of the conversation is very quiet, and plays over the ending of Tell Us Mr. T. It was recorded to sound like it was accidentally left onto the podcast.
Cecil: We can just keep it loose.
The Deranged Millionaire: Okay.
C: So we're, uh, going satellite in about 20 seconds.
TDM: Check, check. This is The Deranged Millionaire, broadcasting from my personal state-of-the-art---
C: We can hear it. We can hear it just fine.
TDM: Can you hear me?
C: So we're going on in five seconds.
TDM: That's fine, just as soon as we can get it over with.
C: Alright. Welcome back. My name's Cecil, I'm your host, it's 45 degrees outside our studio. It's time to play Six Questions. Our guest today is no stranger to fans of They Might Be Giants, he's the narrator of the Venue Songs DVD. The Deranged Millionaire is here with us today, we wanna welcome you via satellite, and welcome to the show.
TDM: Well, it is a contractual obligation.
C: My first question has got to be, 'Do you get tired of being called a Millionaire?'
(long pause)
TDM: Would you? I enjoy being a millionaire very much. Main-mainly on the account of the millions of dollars that I own. It reminds me of my wealth.
C: The other question I've gotta ask you... Do you feel offended when people call you a Deranged Millionaire?
TDM: Yeah, well, I once had a real traditional first and last name like most normal people back when I was a...a Sane Thousandaire.
C: One thing that a lot of guests on Six Questions have in common is they've had a Batman-like experience...
TDM: Uh, but you know, the sad the thing is that as you may or may not know once you become a millionaire, you don't have any real friends anymore. People just like you for your money. And, as I'm sure you definitely know, it's the same thing with derangement, people love to hang around with the deranged guy. Ladies love derangement, but they don't really know your heart. So if you're both deranged and a millionaire, you can understand why that would be doubly lonely. And after a while, I just didn't see any reason to continue on with my original name, and simply became what I was, a deranged millionaire, period. It's seemed more honest somehow. Go on with your next question, please.
C: Uh, before we went up on the satellite, we were talking in here. Now you challenged They Might Be Giants, and we were wondering if there is uh, any other bands, or people that you had made deranged challenges to.
TDM: As you point out, on the Venue Songs DVD, I challenge They Might Be Giants to create a new original song for each venue they performed in. Now, they fulfilled that challenge much to my anger and dismay, and appropriately I had to fulfill my end of the bargain, and appear on the DVD and do certain promotional spots, such as this one - I'm not very happy about it, but I am a deranged millionaire of my word. In the past, though, I've been a little bit more lucky. For example, I challenged Greg Allman to cut off his hair and sell it for a gold watch chain.
C: Now for our listeners, that's Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers B-Band.
TDM: Yes, that's accurate. That worked out very well for me, I got a beautiful gold watch chain. Recently I challenged the estate of Marvin Gaye to a-a 15K road race, which I'm glad to say I won, and as a result I control the rights to Marvin Gaye's likeness and image now.
C: Really.
TDM: Yeah, you've probably seen him on some Hennessy billboards, that money is flowing... directly to me, Marvin Gaye is now posthumously shilling for Hennessy. And in the next couple weeks, you'll see him in a series of Bed, Bath & Beyond ads, and we digitally reanimate Marvin Gaye as he walks through Bed, Bath & Beyond, and you know, says some words on behalf of the company. It's not Marvin Gaye's voice, because, well, he didn't say anything about Bed, Bath & Beyond in this life, so I had to dub it in.
C: But, you'll have to forgive me for jumping in here, but I've gotta pay some bills as they say. You are listening to They Might Be Giants podcast 3A, uh, this is Six Questions with our special guest The Deranged Millionaire.
TDM: A-appearing out of contractual obligation.
C: We were talking about music, your musical influences. Now, is there anybody else... is there any other influences for you besides Marvin Gaye?
TDM: Well, I'm not... I'm not a musician, I mean, like most cultured people, I was trained at an early age to play the viola, but then, y'know, I very wisely... y'know I, I smashed that thing to bits when I reached thirteen. I was done with it. It was uh, keeping me from reaching my higher potential.
C: I'm glad you brought that up, because I think a lot of our listeners would be interested in your higher potential program. Could you tell us about the higher potential program?
TDM: Well, it's a combination of motivational cassette tapes, and various kits I send out to people to help them reach their higher potential. You know, the thing is that most people want to be happy and successful in life, but they're wrong. What they need to be is deranged, and worth millions of dollars. And my higher potential program helps them to reach that by these motivational cassette tapes, and uh, as well, kits that they can use. I can send them lathering soaps, and various different kinds of um, headsets and uh, recordings; I'm doing a hypnotic podcast. Now, for subscribers, if you pay me the money I'll give you the website and you hear me recording hypnotic series of numbers that help you reach your higher potential. And of course, everybody gets a viola they can smash themselves as part of the initiation rite.
C: Hypnotic podcast.
TDM: Yes that's right, a hypnotic series of numbers that helps you reach your own potential - higher potential.
C: All right, well, it's time to wrap things up. At Six Questions, we have a tradition here; we like to end the interviews with a question Jann Wenner liked to end his interviews at Rolling Stone with. If you were to die, what would you like the angels in heaven to say about you?
TDM: Okay, for various legal reasons and agreements with the cryogenic company that's going to freeze my head when I die, I can't actually answer that question. Instead, I have a prepared statement that I'd like to read.
C: All right.
TDM: Begin transmission. Four, nine, three, two, nine. Six, nine, twenty three, forty seven. Nine, three, twenty three, ninety two. End transmission.
C: All right. We want to thank our guest The Deranged Millionaire for being on Six Questions today. Get back to the regular podcast, you're listening to They Might Be Giants podcast 3A, and thank you again.
Installing and delivering melody since 1982! They Might Be Giants Podcast 3A! This production is copywritten by They Might Be Giants, and is not for reproduction or resale! Please support this free service by sending your friends for their own copy of They Might Be Giants Podcasts at TMBG.com or iTunes. We want to wish everybody a happy Valentine's day, I'm your host, Cecil. Hope you enjoyed the podcast.
  • [22:04] - Now Is Strange (cuts off at 1:49 into the song, out of 2:20)