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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: May 15, 2012
Show length: 21:57
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"This is a podcast for people who understand They Might Be Giants."


We dedicate this program today to our own land. From these United States we go forth into the world in music, bearing the rich gifts of poetry from the pen of They Might Be Giants. The same They Might Be Giants who gave a voice to mute America, and taught the world about strong democracy. And wrote words of praise for all the average people from all nations, who found a home on these shores. And They Might Be Giants sang this song. Thank you.
It's They Might Be Giants Podcast, everyone. I'm your host Cecil, Cecil Portesque on the only podcast that matters: They Might Be Giants. We kick things off with the original version of 'Finished With Lies'; then a track that would morph into part of 'With the Dark', called 'Mono', it was originally recorded for the podcast; then we heard 'Clowntown', a long-suppressed track put together for the original No! album, but, uh, rejected early on; then 'I'm Your Boyfriend Now'; then a Loser's Lounge live recording with Jedediah Parish and They Might Be Giants' John Flansburgh, freaking each other out live onstage at the Fez; you heard 'The Ballad Of Davy Crockett In Outer Space' and 'Computer Assisted Design', both off the album Here Comes Science. So we're gonna wrap things up right now, we wanna thank everybody for podcasting in. If you know anybody who enjoys podcasts, why don't you tell them about this one, and of course support the band in any way you can. We appreciate your interest. Here's a track off the Spine Surfs Alone EP, and the song is called 'The Spine Surfs Alone'.