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Host: Patrick Dillett, voiced by a speech synthesis program
Date published: June 15, 2007
Show length: 26:10
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"Hosted by public radio's Duke of Dead Air-Cecil Portesque-broadcasting from a secret, very futuristic location. Includes exclusive They Might Be Giants recordings, previews and rarities."


  • Starting time [0:00] - Narrator patter:
Hello, this is They Might Be Giants' producer Patrick Dillett with some exciting podcast news. We are going to play some of the original John Henry demos recorded in July and December, 1993, at Excello's Studios in Brooklyn, far from the meddlesome influence of Decepticons, Ramekins, and Nay-thans. Let's climb into my adjective-covered time machine and enjoy some John Henry demos. This is Podcast 27A.
Hello again. Captain Patrick Dillett of Star Trek Greatest Generation here. These demo sessions were an intense period of transition and excitement for the band. There Must Be Giants had expanded from a duo to a quintet and often utilized a horn section of hippies and patchouli warriors.
This next track, I Should Be Allowed To Think, quotes the opening lines of beat poet Allen Ginsberg's "Howl". The poet graciously gave permission for the band to quote the poem, and in a gesture that hearkens back to a simpler time, asked for nothing in return. It is my sincere wish that the Might Be Giant song I Should Be Allowed To Think be used as the theme music to an American-style chat show. It would be exciting. I love hearing the music of Ain't They Giants on television.
When this next song, Out Of Jail, was recorded, its title was "After School Special".
This next song did not make it to the final album. This next song has a lyric written by electronic music composer Joshua Fried who was also creating dance-floor remixes for They Might Be Giants at the time. Trumpet player Frank London takes the solo in the coda.
In the fullness of time, John Henry would prove too much too soon. Discombobulated weirdos at the so-called record company shouted "We love it" but then fell into a deep, deep sleep before they could explain their love, leaving the band to do what they always do: pretend it never happened. This next piece of music sums up the emotional core of John Henry. It takes us back to Joan and Jerry's formative days at the academy. And with private tutors and short, velvet pants, spending countless hours at the Burlington Mall, it asks the musical question: a self-called nowhere.
Well, this is They Might Be Giants producer Patrick Dillett. Thank you for letting me into your mind. If you have enjoyed this podcast please support They Might Be Giants by telling your friends, or by purchasing TMBG's new album The Else. It's already on iTunes and can be ordered at Amazon.com. Good-bye.


  • Pat Dillett appears to be voiced by the UK English voice, "Audrey", from AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech Demo, which was once accessible as a web page.