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Host: John Flansburgh
Date published: May 14, 2011
Show length: 4:55
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Tickets go on sale in ONE WEEK. This is less than ONE HALF of the tour dates for the epic Join Us tour, so if you don’t see you town here do not despair! More info @ http://bit.ly/jct5rr.


Good morning, everyone. It is Friday the Thirteenth of May, and it is our lucky day, because They Might Be Giants are announcing the first leg of the Join Us tour this fall. Here are all of They Might Be Giants' upcoming shows:

On June eleventh, we are playing in the streets of Toronto at the Luminato Festival. All are welcome, we will be performing songs from our entire repertoire, including our very first album and our very second album. 3pm in Toronto, totally free.
July fifteenth, we're at the Koko Club in London, just a few tickets left for that.
The sixteenth of July, we are performing in a muddy field somewhere in England at the Latitude Festival.
Then on the twentieth, we have a secret New York City show somewhere in New York City.
On the twenty-seventh of July, a secret television appearance.
Then, on the twenty-eighth of July, somewhere in the sate of Pennsylvania, a secret show. Don't tell anyone.
Then, on the twenty-ninth of July, in Williamsburg Brooklyn, we are doing a free concert under the stars with Eugene Mirman and the very special guest star yet to be announced that you will be all interested in. So that is July twenty-ninth; six-thousand, eight-thousand, ten-thousand people all coming out to a big free show in July.
Then, on the Thirtieth of July, They Might Be Giants' album release party at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Celebrate the release of Join Us with They Might Be Giants in Asbury Park. The legendary Stone Pony, a fantastic, wonderful place to play a show.
Then, September eighth, we kick off our national tour for Join Us at Toad's Place, just like The Rolling Stones, in New Haven, Connecticut.
Then, in quick secession, we're doing these towns: Great Barrington, Massachusetts; Concord, New Hampshire; Norwich, Vermont; Ithaca, New York, at the fantastic State Theatre.
Then, we're at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We will be performing the song "Mr. Smalls" at that show. Um, but we're interested in what that place is like, we've never been there before.
Rochester, New York, on the fifteenth of September at the Harro Ballroom.
Then, on the sixteenth, we are back at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, where rock music was brought back to life, ladies and gentleman. Fantastic Beachland Ballroom.
Then the Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan, on the seventeenth.
Cincinnati, Ohio, is so close to where the Southgate House is located on the twentieth that our booking agent actually calls it "Cincinnati, Ohio", but we know from angry Facebook postings and emails that Southgate House is actually in the town next to Cincinnati, Ohio. But I don't know the name of that town, and it's not on the list here. So I apologize, please send your angry emails to someone else.
On the twenty-first, we are doing a free show for WFPK on Harbor Lawn at Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, They Might Be Giants back in Louisville.
Indianapolis, at The Vogue, on the twenty-second.
A big show in Chicago, Illinois, at the Riviera Theatre on the twenty-third of September. Back at the Riv.
Then, in Kansas City, we're playing at the Folly Theater, never been there before.
On the twenty-seventh of September, uh, we are in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Cannery Ballroom. That'll be a big show.
Then— Then on the twenty-eighth, perhaps the greatest rock club in the world, we're at The Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina. That is always a good time.
And then, uh, we're at The National in Richmond, Virginia, on the twenty-ninth. The Venue with the most elaborate backstage setup including a hot tub. That is a little bit scary. In Richmond, Virginia, at The National.
Uh, we are at the Theatre of the Living Arts, the TLA, in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September thirtieth.
And then We are wrapping up this first leg in Boston, Massachusetts, with two completely different shows. Two evenings with They Might Be Giants in just one evening at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, Massachusetts. A great sit-down venue, all are welcome there. It's a— uh, really one of the best sounding rooms in the country. Um, and we're doing two shows. The first show is songs A to M, and the second show is songs N to Z. so if you want a heapin' helpin' of They Might Be Giants, come on out to both of those. But either way, it works. Both shows will be a ton of fun.

So those are all the shows. Uh, come visit us on Facebook, check out our Twitter feed, and of course all the latest videos and other stuff are always posted at theymightbegiants.com. Thank you for your enduring interest in They Might Be Giants.