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Host: Cecil Portesque
Date published: December 8, 2005
Show length: 19:10
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"This first episode features the music of Brooklyn rock legends They Might Be Giants. Highlights include exclusive recordings, live recordings and new tracks off their Venue Songs DVD/CD set. Hosted by public radio's Duke of Dead Air-Cecil Portesque-broadcasting from a secret, very rainy location."


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  • Starting time [0:00] - Intro:
All right, uh, you're listening to They Might Be Giants Podcast number one. This is, uh, podcast number 1A, being created, uh, in the year of 2005... year-end, around the holidays... it's a rainy day outside. We've got a bunch of, uh, brand new recordings from They Might Be Giants we're gonna play now... uh, exclusive to this podcast and then, uh, a little bit later we're gonna be hearing, uh, from some new releases from the band. Uh... uh, first song is called 'It Was a Very Good Year'. Uh, the next recording is a cover of a Banana Splits song called 'I Enjoy Being a Boy'.
All right, we're back, uh... They Might Be Giants' first podcast, podcast 1A. It's a rainy day outside... a good day for sitting in and listening to mp3s on your... mp3 player. That last selection was 'Minneapolis' from the new Venue Songs CD and DVD set from They Might Be Giants. Got a few surprises coming up. This next track is called 'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too', it was originally featured on a MoveOn compilation last year... it was on one of the bonus tracks on the Venue Songs compilation. Here they are, They Might Be Giants, with 'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too'.
All right, you're listening to, uh, the 'Particle Man', performed live on XM Satellite Radio with They Might Be Giants. Uh... before that was 'Turtle Songs of North America' and 'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too'. Uh, the rain is clearing up and the sun is going down here, uh, first podcast, podcast 1A for They Might Be Giants. Wanna thank you all for, uh, downloading this program. We're gonna leave you now with, uh, 'The Bloodmobile'. This is one of the bonus tracks on the new Venue Songs CD and DVD. They Might Be Giants.
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