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song name Homunculus
artist They Might Be Giants
releases DialASong.com, Podcast 10A, Cast Your Pod To The Wind
year 2006
run time 2:18
sung by John Flansburgh


  • Premiered on the band's Myspace in early November 2006.
  • At the end of the Free Tunes release of the song, Flans can be barely heard saying, "You can do better than that!"
  • "The homunculus is commonly used to describe the distorted human figure drawn to reflect the relative sensory space our body parts occupy on the cerebral cortex. The lips, hands, feet and sex organs are considerably more sensitive than other parts of the body, so the homunculus has grossly large lips, hands and genitals. Well known in the field of neurology, this is also commonly called 'the little man inside the brain." - Wikipedia, "Homunculus"
  • "The term appears to have been first used by the alchemist Paracelsus. He once claimed that he had created a false human being that he referred to as the homunculus. The creature was to have stood no more than 12 inches tall, and did the work usually associated with a golem. However, after a short time, the homunculus turned on its creator and ran away." - Wikipedia, "Homunculus"

Song Themes

Drinking, Heads, Lies And Deception, Music, Oblique Cliches Or Idiom, Science, Shapes, Sleep, Space, Windows


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