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Songs about shapes

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Best Regrets - "Round in circles"
  • C Is For Conifers - "Or if you see a plant in the shape of an elephant, or in the shape of a dog, it's probably a shrub, a conifer shrub, pruned into that shape by someone"
  • Cells - With DNA molecules' double helix shape like a spiral staircase, twisted ladder, or a spring
  • D & W - "Half a circle"
  • Diving Board - "The undulating shape..."
  • Fibber Island - "Wheels are square not round"
  • Homunculus - "Möbius strip"
  • I Palindrome I - "See the medical chart with the random zig-zag", "See the hands of my offspring making windmills"; also, "a snake head eating the head on the opposite side" is a reference to an ouroboros.
  • I've Got A Fang - "Glistening white triangular tooth"
  • Impossible - "You can change your shape"
  • Infinity - "If I run around in circles I'll never make it back / Oh, figure of eight goes around"
  • Iowa - "Conical hat"
  • Lost My Mind - "This whole planet is elliptical"
  • Money For Dope - "Ice cube tray"
  • Monsters Of Mud - "Shapeless, grimy, gray, and brown"
  • My Man - "Your fingers could encircle clear around the ankle"
  • No! - "Mouth in the shape of the letter O"
  • Oh You Did - "Like the Pyramids of Gizza"
  • One Everything - "What if you drew a giant circle"
  • Particle Man - Triangle Man
  • Part Of You Wants To Believe Me - "Making circles that lead nowhere"
  • Q U - "Make 'qu' sounds together like 'squid,' 'squash,' and 'square'"
  • Re-PETE Offender - "All of the shapes have been blurred"
  • Sally Boy Candy Bar - "None of these things can compare when circle gets the square"
  • She's Actual Size - "Squares may look distant in her rearview mirror"
  • Snapping Turtle - "They swim around in circles"
  • South Carolina - "(Wreck!) The back wheel's O is now a letter D / (Wreck!) I was an I, and now I am a V."
  • Triops Has Three Eyes - "There are two sides to every story, but triangles have three"
  • Tumbleweed - "Circle and circle around"
  • Waves - "The splash makes a growing circle of waves"
  • Withered Hope - "He cut out a paper heart", additionally, the song basically goes in a love circle

Honorable mentions[edit]

  • Glean's cover and liner notes depict circles being cut out of images and placed on top of other images.